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Monday, March 18, 2013


Last week, BBC1 aired Shetland, a two-part tv-drama based on the book Red Bones by Ann Cleeves.

Now I already was a fan of Ann Cleeves, after having seen the first episode of Vera (detective Vera Stanhope) and afterwards having read the five books which feature detective Stanhope. As most books of British crime authors, they are well written and worth reading. Also pyschologically underbuilt with care for the characters and plot.

I had not yet read the Shetland Quartet (contrary to the title, there are already five books in this series) but after seeing the film on BBC I quickly ordered those novels to add to my collection.

Head character in these books is detective Jimmy Perez (played by Douglas Henshall) who originally lived on the Shetland Islands, then moved away and returned when he is widowed, with his stepdaughter. There are not many people living on these isles, but they certainly are not averse to crime! The film we saw is based on the third novel in the series, Red Bones, and is the story of two families with a feud started during World War II.

The Shetland boatsmen ferry Norse fugitives and agents across the sea, and when one of them meets the wife of a farmer and falls in love with her, the problems start. The Norwegian guy disappears, and only one person know how... Years later, a corpse is found during an archeological dig and the bones tell their story. Two new murders follow and Perez needs to to his utmost to prevent more crime.

Something to watch out for!

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