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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Men in kilt

Perhaps I've already mentioned we are making a trip to Scotland this coming July? Well, as we had some time on our hands, we thought of checking out what we could do while being there.

To our surprise, we saw that the Highland Games were being organized while we are in Scotland. So we immediately booked a trip to one of these. A whole day of watching fine Scotsmen - in kilt - doing all kind of power games, like tree-throwing. Mix that with the sound of pipes and a wee dram of single malt and you have a day that can't be spoiled!

And admit, a man in a skirt has something... And I do know what they wear beneath those kilts. My sister once had a boyfriend who was a Scot and she learned from experience. Must be why so many romance authors choose Scotland as the backdrop of their novels. Karen Hawkins often publishes pics of sexy Scots on Sunday (you must visit The Goddess Blogs, they are always funny).

When I was a teenager, it was fashion to wear plaid. But I could not find a Scottish kilt in one of our local shops, not even in Antwerp, where we often went shopping. It was only when I was on holiday in England that I found a kilt in one of those Scottish stores. I've worn it for a long time, until the thread was too bare.

Do you fancy a man in kilt? I certainly do - a nice strong one, who could carry me around like a sack of potatoes.

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