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Friday, March 1, 2013

Here comes spring?

After four consecutive harsh winters full of freezing temperatures and lots of snow, we all feel it's time for spring.

And when we can believe the weather forecast, it is at last coming! From Monday on we'll have sunshine and milder temperatures. I don't have much of a garden (I don't have green fingers and I don't like tearing out weeds all the time) but I appreciate seeing the flowers pop up in my neighbors's gardens. Around this time we should have snowbells and crocusses, I believe. It's still too early for tulips and other flowers like roses. But in two or three weeks' time there should be those yellow Easter flowers, as we call them. Don't ask me for the name, I just don't know. Or is it daffodils?

Anyway, a bit milder weather can work miracles. Especially seeing some sunshine would be lovely. We haven't had much of it this year, and last year was not very sunny either (I can't remember when we last had a good summer, full of sunshine and warmth). Only the last weekend of May was a nice one. We were in Cardiff then, and I remember we could walk outside without a vest or cardigan.

Sunshine is good for the senses. I'm lacking vitamin D and it comes mainly from sunshine. The real stuff is better than the food supplements, of course.

How's the weather where you live? The same as in cloudy and rainy Belgium or different? Don't hesitate to share your comments!

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