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Friday, March 29, 2013

How people think about teachers

When you ask just anyone in the street what teachers do, the answer will inevitably be : "They have lots of holidays" - ergo, we don't work.

I'd like to invite anyone to come and teach only one week - I'll even give them a class in ASO (which will only include students who want to go to university or college). They are (between brackets) the most easy to work with (myself, I prefer BSO, although harder these guys are honest and once they accept you, you have no trouble with them).

When someone who's never taught a class would try to do the job, most of them will quit after only one day. Because teaching is not only about transfering knowledge to others, but also being a pyscholigist, a parent, a nurse or doctor, ... We combine many abilities under our caps. Also, the young ones have changed with the times. They don't readily listen to you anymore, they don't sit with their arms crossed behind their desks and are no longer afraid to speak their mind.

I still like being in the class after all of these years (more than 35 already) and I know I'll be able to cope with the demands of the job until I'm 65.

But we are being discriminated. For instance, when you want to compete in a contest and you can win a trip abroad, it'll be a trip outside of the school holidays. And planes and hotels are much more expensive during these periods as well. That's why I don't want to travel to the USA anymore. I don't want to pay 1,000 € for a return ticket when the same ticket will only cost 350-400 € in other periods.I can't see the reason behind it, unless earning lots of money on the backs of people who have no other choice. The fuel will cost the same in March as in July, right? Same goes for hotel rooms. Why must they be cheaper in the 'low season'?

Well, I won't complain anymore. At least the train tickets remain the same price in whatever period. I just thought of this because I heard in the news that thousands of parents with children have already left on holiday because the tickets are cheaper before Easter.

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