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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Music of the 70's and the 80's

Although I have a rather wide taste in music (I must confess I only dislike one genre, namely jazz), I still go for the music of the seventies and the eighties when pop music is being considered.

When I was a teenager, I was wild about The Sweet and was ever so glad I could be present at one of their do's at a coastal resort. Just as well, because the following week the band was banned from appearing in Belgium...

I even wrote a novel in which John Connolly appeared.... Fan adoration can go far!

After that, I got into a period where I truly like Slade. The music was a bit harder, but I got into the beat nevertheless. Years later, we saw Slade in a concert and it was so nice to see the public still went wild.

Then I did not have one peticular favorite singer or band (I became a member of the Bay City Rollers fanclub... and my walls were full of posters, my favorite one that of Red Bone because I had a like for Indians, or should I say Native Americans?). But then I became quite fond of the music of Queen, while my sister went more for the Bee Gees.

Around the same time I also became a big fan of Mud. Les Gray and company. We went to all the concerts the band gave in Belgium, and we always managed to be in the front row. Les and the others knew us by sight and always greeted us. They also paused to chat with us and naturally we had their signatures. Our local TV station VRT ofteUn filmed us because of our home-made t-shirts with a big MUD on it!

The good thing is, the radiio still plays these old songs nearly every day. They also have a yearly top-80  or top-100 of the best songs of these periods, and most of the time "Bohemian Rhapsody' is number one... Well, 'Tiger Feet' still score high as well, as most Bee Gee songs.

Guess you're getting more nostalgic when you grow older, right? That's why we have booked tickets to go and see 'Boogie Nights' in the UK next week.  I'll tell more about it in a future blog.

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