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Friday, April 5, 2013

A trip down to memory lane

My sister and I agreed to use these Easter holidays to do a thorough spring cleaning of the old house. - well, after a short trip to the UK.

We started cleaning up at the attic. We have this big attic room with oak beams and hidden storage, and if you begin to clean up there, you always find some lost treasures.

The first thing we discovered were two sets of baby pictures. One of myself, and one of Christine. How cute! I did not even know we had them. I'm going to try to scan them in and store them on a USB some time in future.

We also came across a small TV table our dad made for me when I was living in Germany. It could be used as table, but also as locker. He made it out of the wood of an old set of dressers which belonged to our grandparents.

And then the box with our old dolls... My Annick, Carine and Bamboula (the first negro doll a girl in our part of town owned). Johan and Eric, our two male dolls. And Betty and Sabine which belonged to Christine. They still look well enough, only a bit lonely from being in that box for all of these years.

The next thing that turned up was the playbox in which I sharpened my teeth on the wooden balls that are attached to it - you still see the marks. Can you believe it, that thing is nearly 57 years old and still looks strong enough to hold another playing baby. Only needs a lick of paint.

Also some bronze vases and pots belonging to our once neighbour, Zoƫ. When she died, her daughter said we could choose some items we liked from her house.

What is in your attic or store room? Does it also contain so many things from the past, which make you think of times gone by?

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