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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lost and found

Does it sometimes also happen to you that you find back something, after it has been lost for years???

A couple of days ago, I already told you about our spring cleaning. We are moving every piece of furniture, dusting all the cupboards, etc. This time I found back an earring I had thought lost for over a year. A rather beautiful one, with crystal beads, that I bought during a holiday in Newport, Rhode Island. It had fallen behind my desk, and you don't move those heavy furniture every week!

The previous time we found back a sunhat which sat stuck between the wall of a dresser and the drawer. Nobody knew how it got there, but well, a good washing made it as new.

Has this happened to you too? What have you found back that you thought was lost forever?

Please leave your comments, as I always appreciate some feedback. Sorry too this is only a short post, but as I said we are busy cleaning and we needed to be ready this afternoon. So no time for looking for a good subject to write about.

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