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Monday, April 8, 2013

If you'd like to keep your (slim) figure, don't...

(Source: Huffington Post)

I like to browse through newspaper to find funny articles, and most of the time you come across something that strikes you as funny. Such as this article about the mistakes people make concerning food.

So ladies (and gentlemen), if you want to remain slim don't:

1. Eat too much for dinner

You should be aware you need most food in the morning and around noon. So we should have a hearty breakfast and a good lunch to keep us into energy.
But it's easy to understand why people eat their main dinner at night. It is the moment to sit together with the entire family and share news, and thus it's easy to overdo a little on the intake of food!

2. Keep pots and pan away from the table

In some cultures, it is tradition to put a full pot of food in the middle of the table, and everyone serves from this. But by doing this, you run a risk of overdoing. Food experts advise to leave the pots on the stove. If you have to get up to take a second serving, you sometimes don't feel like it..

3. Eat dinner before your TV

It is dangerous to eat little snacks while watching telly, and replace your main meal by them. If you like to eat while surfing the net or watching a program on Tv, you run a higher risk to eat more than necessary.

4. Put salt on the dinner table

If you give a cat a bowl of milk, she'll slab it. The same goes for people. You can diminish your intake of salt by not putting the salt on the table. Better spice your food with oregano, or black pepper.

5. Eat out

Those who like to eat out, mostly eat more than they need. Try to keep your restaurant outings to once a week.  A restaurant meal does have more calories and more salt, grease and sugar.

6. Eat dessert

Don't you like a sugar-high dessert after dinner?A slice of chocolate cake or chocolate brownie, or a big bowl of ice? The only thing a dessert does is give you more calories. We don't eat because we're hungry, but because we are seduced by it. Moreover, dessert are also bad for the sugar level in your blood. And that causes bad sleep. So better try to resist!

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