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Friday, April 26, 2013

What kids ask our prime minister

Elio Di Rupo's government is not always popular with our fellow countrymen, but among kids he is well-loved. This week he referred to a letter he got via Twitter, but this one is only one of thousands.

Kids write to Elio with all kind of questions, and the prime minister - give him his due - does answer them all.

The most popular questions he receives are these:

* Dear Elio, do you earn a lot of money? (More than I do, for certain)
* Do you have to be good in mathematics to be prime minister? (I could do it too, and I wasn't good in maths)
* Is Belgium a difficult country to govern? (I should think so!)
* Do you have a hobby?
* Do you have children, and what are their names? (Elio is gay)
* What is your favorite sport?
* Which films do you like?
* Where do you spend most time on?
*Why did you want to be prime minister?

Kids, eh? They's ask the lot and I never wanted to be a teacher in kindergarten, although I love kids. But having them around for hours (and not only one, but some twenty or thirty of them) would be a bit too much for me now.

I don't know what I think of Di Rupo. His use of Dutch is not too good, that's one remark I have. He could use more language lessons. But he's ok as a person, I think. For the rest, it doesn't matter which government we have. They all tax us too much (50% of your income if you're working) and they protect those who have millions. Same story anywhere, I guess...

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