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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Willem-Alexander & Maxima

I should write this blog in orange, because this is the color in which Holland bathes today. Queen Beatrix abdicated her throne in favor of her eldest son, prince Willem-Alexander - also better known as Prince Heineken (the Dutch prince likes his beer).

Willem-Alexander is married to the Argentinian Maximà and the couple have three daughters which all resemble their mother. They look quite sympathetic, a lot more than our own royalty.

All during the day, there were lots of festivities going on in Holland and I'm sure to see some of it on our seven o'clock news. What looks strange to us Belgians is how the Dutch celebrate this new king. We would not come out in masses to see a new king crowned, especially not our rather sad-looking prince Filip! He is also married, to Mathilde and has two daughters and two boys, but the family lacks the luster of the Dutch couple.

Our local radio also gives news about the events in Holland, and they only play songs belonging to Dutch composers and lyric writers. Luckily they have some good music...

The only thing about which Belgians are beginning to go mad is socker. Our national team, the Red Devils, are growing more and more popular and nearly rival the popularity of the Dutch team. They want to go to the World Champignionship, and I think they stand a chance. The supporters paint themselves black-yellow-red, after the colors of our flag. Even the crown prince got blamed recently because he attented a match and did not wear a tricolore scarf!

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