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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ramin Karimloo

Being a great fan of musical theatre, I try to watch as many performances as possible. Although I like most stuff, I have a slight preference to some of Andrew Lloyd-Webber's works. My alltime favorite is Phantom of the Opera and second best is Love Never Dies, although I also quite liked Whistle Down the Wind

During the course of years, I have seen many performers in these musicals. Some of them good, other quite bad. I once spent money on a performance of Les Miserables where normally our very own Hans Peter Janssen should play Valjean, but he was on holiday and instead we got the understudy of the understudy. The only actor who performed well enough in that spectacle was the one who played Javert. All the others could better go to music school!

So I can quite honestly say that in my opinion Ramin Karimloo is one of the best musical performers I'ver ever seen (and heard). This thirty-ish Canadian of Iranian descent looks frail, but oh man, what a voice! I once attented a performance of Love Never Dies in which her sang Until I  Hear You Sing Again, and he gave goosebumps to the entire audience, for which he was rewarded by a ten-minute long standing ovation.

Since then, I have had the chance of seeing more of Ramin, also in concert. I was a bit disppointed when we were not able to buy tickets for Les Miserables, in which he recently performed Jean Valjean. Everything was sold out!

What also strikes me about Ramin, is that the guy is utterly modest. We talked to him after the performance in London and he blushed when we praised him for his performance! He also takes the time to talk to each fan and gladly allows that pictures are taken.

Ramin started his career in London's West End as Enjolras, the leader of the students in Les Miserables. Then he got a lead role as the Phantom and also in Love Never Dies. More recently he played the role of Jean Valjean in the London production of Les Miserables, and now he's going to do the same on tour in Canada.

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