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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Boogie Nights

On Monday evening, I was in Liverpool's Empire Theatre to see the show Boogie Nights.

As my 4-year-younger sister was a big fan of The Osmonds, it was she who first noticed they'd appear in this remake of the original 70's musical, produced by John Conway and Shane Richie. It was really the predecessor of We Will Rock You, or Mama Mia.

The musical (well, it's more a show than a muscial, but who cares???) is the story of Roddy O'Neil, set in a provincial British town during the '70s. First it was a success in London, then it did five UK tours, before travelling to South Africa, New Zealand and America.

What we saw was a remixed version of the original musical. Roddy wants to do a gig with a famous pop group, and in this case the 'famous popgroup' are The Osmonds. Not all of them (they don't all perform anymore) but Jay, Merrill and Jimmy. Other characters were played by Gareth Gates (Pop Idol), Louisa Lytton, Andy Abraham, Chico and Shane Richie Junior.

I must admit, these old guys still sing very well! And of course the entire - sold-out - theatre knew how to sing along with LOVE ME FOR  A REASON, CRAZY HORSES and not to forget LONG HAIRED LOVER FROM LIVERPOOL. We were allowed to take pictures without flash, and Christine shot away.

At the end, everyone was singing and dancing and we went back to the hotel with a hoarse voice....

All in all, quite a nice Easter weekend!

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