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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Some unusual ways to die

In the weekend editons of the newspapers you can find the most unusual things. Like this article about 'special' ways to go from here to eternity...

For instance, there was this woman who suffered from a life-threathening disease. She managed to conquer this disease, to die from a heart infarct when her family gave a party to celebrate her recovery...

Or that man who went to the graveyard to see how his tombstone was coming along. He had ordered it after his wife's burial because he wanted the same stone and headings. He died when seeing his grave.

An attorney wanted to prove in court that it is possible to shoot yourself from some impossible angle. He did it so well he managed to get himself killed...

And never attempt to jump through 'unbreakable' glass. Someone tried to prove a point, made a jump ... and fell twelver stories down. Of course he did not survive the experiment.

Another thing you'd better not do is to pretend you'll commit suicide when jumping into a river. Even though you can swim, you surely don't survive all the piranha's swimming in the water...

In a dance studio in Argentina, a teacher showed his students how to dance the tango, but he did not pay attention to the low ceiling --- and got killed.

Some guy was working on his car, which was parked in his garage. In frustration, he threw away a hammer. This landed on the car, set the engine in motion and the car slid over the poor guy.

And ladies, be careful with shoes. Don't buy them too small. Otherwise you might fare like this lady who bought too narrow shoes, got blisters on her feet which poisoned her blood and killed her!

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