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Friday, July 12, 2013

Back from Scotland

Yesterday evening my sister and I returned from a trip to Scotland. We have been wanting to this for a long time, and finally it happened.

We stayed in Edinburgh (at the Grosvenor Hilton) and the first day we discovered the town. As you probably know, Edinburgh is a medieval town and has two parts, the old town and the new town. The old town is the part with the steep street and the castle on the rock, while the 'new' town was built in the 18th century and is mainly classic in design. Our hotel was situated in the new part of town.

We also made some day trips to the middle of Scotland and also one to the Highlands. It was very tiring, but oh so worth it! We attended Highland Games (fun!) and tasted some whisky. I finally got to taste the Laphroaig which DCI Banks always drinks in the books of Peter Robinson. A rather smoky taste, but not bad. My sister probably wouldn't like it, though. And I always drink my whisky straight, not on the rocks.

Edinburgh has some great shops and restaurants as well. We made some unexpected discoveries in eateries, like the Mussels and Steak House at the Grass Market (just down Victoria Street) and Maison Bleu, where French cuisine is combined with Moroccan influences. All very decent quality of food and the prices quite reasonable too. And if you like Indian food, there was a good Indian-Punjabi restaurant at the corner of where we stayed, Omar Khayyam.

I'll be telling more and posting some pictures from our trip as soon as we have downloaded the photographs (more than 150) on the computer.

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