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Monday, July 22, 2013

The good old fashioned diary

I don't know if a lot of people still write in their diaries, but I do.

I started my diary when I was just fifteen years old. The first ten years I really wrote EVERY day, but as I grew older the entries grew more rarely and were in fact more a travel journal. Nevertheless, I've been keeping up adding entries to my diary until today.

A year or so ago, I began to copy all these handwritten reports onto a USB stick. Reading through those old journals was like going back in time, and reliving every thing - happy or sad.

When you ask a person what he or she remembers from his/her childhood, the answer will be: not so much. A few things that stick, but the rest?

That is why such a diary is a goldmine. Being good in writing also reflects in my diaries, even at such a young age. When I now read about the year 1971, I'm back in time completely and even remember things that were not written at the moment.

In 1971 I was in love with the boy next door. His name was Alex, but although he was very friendly he never felt anything for me... Those heartaches!!!!

By now I'm in the year 1980. Still have a lot of years to cover, and the file grows bigger and bigger. Just as well I bought a USB of 16 MB!

Does anyone who reads this have a diary? I was the only one at home. My sister never wrote a diary, as she did not like to write in the first place. And none of my friends at school did either.

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