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Monday, July 29, 2013

Some people recycle too much...

Warning: don't read this if you have a delicate stomach!

What I am going to tell you today is true - I swear to God, and I do have the picture to prove it (but I don't show it for delicacy).

Since 1992 we have a flat here at the coast in Knokke-Heist, I'm sure you already knew this. We have a penthouse flat, and next to us is another penthouse flat. The owners are an older couple. He's a former insurance agent, and as far as we can tell an alcoholic. His wife likes her beer as well.

As long as they've been living next to us they never spoke a word (at least nothing we could understand) to us, and we also noticed they never did anything in their flat, like painting, or having new windows etc. Food almost never appears on their table. Well, once in a time they invited another couple and they shared ONE KILO of mussels (!) with ten pommes frites per person. (We eat like 1,5 kilo of mussels a person and 1 kilo of pommes frites to share.)

We call them the 'Skunks' because they are also not over hygenic. Whenever they come to their flat, we have a bigger number of flies around, and other insects. And when their door opens, it stinks. Probably because the man can't control his bladder anymore and we've seen a trail of brown in the hallway leading up to their entrance.

Somebody must have made a complaint, because since the last year he wears adult diapers. But probably they cost too much...

So do you know what his wife does? She washes them in a bowl of water, and then hangs them to dry (for two days at a time) and I suppose they'll be re-used afterwards. Gross, isn't it?

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