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Saturday, July 27, 2013


When you are young and want to party, there is really just one place in the world you ought to be now: the Tomorrowland festival in Boom, Belgium.

Since 2005 all techno and house fans find their way to this rather unknown town in Belgium. The festival takes around three days, and fantasy is used widely. Top DJ's (or how do they call them nowadays?) take the stage and the young people get wild. David Guetta, for instance, or DJ Tiesto.

I don't understand what is so attractive in the techno-sound (just sounds like boom-boom to me) but apparently it is something that lots of others find attractive.

On Friday, flights from all over the world (and the planes really had the Tomorrowland sign painted on them) brought festival goers from all over the world to Belgium. Young people from Australia or China, from Brazil or Peru, from South-Africa and of course from most European countries.

When you have money to spend, you can take a 'villa' on the festival grounds. It will cost you some 20,000 Euro (26,000 dollar) to have you own house, but the yacuzi is not included (that will cost an extra...) You can also enjoy food prepared by top chefs like Sergio Herman..

The eye catcher on the main stage is a volcano. After last year's 'Book of Wisdom' everybody was curious to see what it would be like this year. It became a 130 meter broad and 35 meter high volcano which released its secrets bit by bit. The mastodont has small and mega-big waterfalls but also spews fire - which is reflected in the crowd.

Any Tomorrowland fans around? If so, please leave a comment and tell us how you enjoyed the festival.

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