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Thursday, July 25, 2013


As the warm and sunny weather continues (it started on July 4th) sunbathing etc. begin to bore us! So we decided to do some work on days when the temperature was not above 25° Celsius.

What we are doing is create a dressing in our bedroom. We recycled parts of an old wardrobe (sawed them into matching pieces - this we could do while still enjoying some sun on the terrace) and drilled holes into walls, fixed screws, etc.

Don't say that women can't do any manual work! Especially my sister is very capable in making furniture (well, she did not study carpenting, but her creations are worth looking at) and she has a very good vision in seeing the problems ahead.

We first created the new dressing on paper (like an architect) and then measured up everything for the right size.

Lots of men would not be able to do this. I remember from years ago, when we ordered new bedroom furniture, the guys who delivered it said it wouldn't fit in the bedroom. My sister just said: It must. I've measured it. To their big surprise it did fit, albeit with only 1cm to spare to open the door!

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