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Friday, July 5, 2013

Monsters Inc.

With an upcoming trip to Scotland in mind, I thought I could write a piece on monsters and ghosts.

Are they real? Lots of people will claim they are and invariably testimonials pop up of people having seen Nessie or Bigfoot, or the Yeti. Or others who spent a night in an old house or castle and saw the White Lady or the Shivering Ghoul…
I’ve been in old houses (hell, I live in one) and never ever seen or heard a ghost/monster. I’m pretty sure that when I stare across the waters of Loch Ness I won’t see any sign of Nessie. Or never meet Bigfoot when hiking through American woods.

But then I don’t believe in the supernatural. I never have premonitions, either. I live in the present and don’t think too much about the future or the past.
Now my sister is something else. Although she’ll never admit she believes in the Yeti or Nessie, she definitely believes there are things between heaven and earth that are out of our reach. She also has visions. No, she can’t tell the future (would be practical, as she could predict the winning combination of Euro Millions!), but she can tell if someone in the (close) family is going to die.

Always when there was a death in the family (our grandfather, grandmother, dad and mum) she knew in advance. The day before our mother died, she told me we should writing down the names of people we should send messages to, and quickly go to the bank to empty mother’s account (we had the pin code, and as long as the owner is not deceased, the bank can do nothing about it) and transfer it to one of our accounts. The day afterwards we got the call from the care center where our mother stayed…
Also, when on a plane which had difficulties of staying in the air and had to make an emergency landing in London Heathrow, she said not to worry, everything would be fine. She did not feel anything.

I asked her to tell me in advance when she has another ‘feeling’. I’d like to know I’m going to die so I can make my last preparations.

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