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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The definition of 'holiday'

To most people, taking a holiday would mean filling your suitcases with sunscreen lotion and bikini's, to others with walking shoes and strong socks.

In my country, most hard-working people dream of a week away in some sunny resort, best of all 'all-in' - whether it be in the south of France, a Spanish costa, Turkey or Egypt.

The rest want to go to the mountains, take hiking tours of the Alps.

Our definition of 'taking a holiday' is do more than we do normally. Our jobs tire us pretty hard, but we get even more tired when being away! (That's why we quit doing ANYTHING today - just lazy around on the big terrace of our penthouse flat at the coast and enjoy the nice weather.)

While in Scotland, we walked over 100 km (going from our hotel to the center of town already took half an hour - and we walk at a good pace). We went more than once from the hotel to the town center, and next to that we did make excursions. We drove like 500 km to see the Highlands (well, it was worth it) and we were always up early and late in bed. We did not see any TV, did not spend any time on the computer or on the phone (I don't have a smartphone, btw), did not read any book. We were outside, seeing things.

This way we always manage to see a great deal of the place or country we visit, and this is something you carry along in your memories. I always say 'They can't t take that away from me'. Who knows, I might get ill one day and not be able to travel anymore. Or I might just die. After having had a few near-misses with death, both my sister and I live from one day to another, and are grateful we can experience all the wonders of this day.

For our late mother having a holiday meant not having to cook or clean, but just be served.

So what consider you as 'having a holiday'?

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