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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The novels of Sabrina Jeffries

For years, I’ve been reading – and enjoying – the romances by Sabrina Jeffries. They are the kind of light reading I prefer: witty, historical, romantic.

By now, Sabrina is the author of a various number of books, most of them belonging to series. The first one is the Lord trilogy. It starts with a pirate, who kidnaps a shipload of convict women. Little does he know he is about to meet a stepsister and stepbrother, Sara Willis and the Earl of Blackmore, who will change his life… The first book deals with Sara, the second one with the Earl of Blackmore, and the final one with his friend St. Claire.

The next series is called The Swanlea Spinsters and counts five books. It starts out with three sisters, daughters to the Earl of Swanlea. Condemned to spinsterhood by circumstances (and bad luck), Lady Rosalind, Lady Helena, and Lady Juliet are struggling to make ends meet with an ill father and an underfunded estate. That’s when Griffith Knighton and Daniel Brennan make an appearance to change their lives forever. From there, matters follow a strange path: Juliet is kidnapped by a man named Morgan who turns out to be a man named Sebastian who actually does have a twin named Morgan with a friend named Ravenswood… and yes, they all have books.

Then following series is The Royal Brotherhood. This series features three half-brothers who are fictional bastards of the Prince of Wales (for more about Prinny’s many affairs, check out the Rooted in History tab below). Bound together by the royal father who denied them, they have formed a pact to help each other achieve their every desire—including the women of their dreams. So without further ado, meet Alexander Black, Earl of Iversley, Marcus North, Viscount Draker and Mr. Gavin Byrne, game house keeper…

Sabrina consequently wrote The School for Heiresses. After heiress Charlotte elopes with a dashing soldier named Jimmy Harris, who runs through her entire inheritance before having the good sense to get himself killed in a duel, she vows to keep other young women from making her mistake. So, with the help of a mysterious and anonymous benefactor whom she knows only as Cousin Michael, she establishes Mrs. Harris’s School for Young Ladies that caters to… you guessed it… heiresses! Not blatantly, of course. That would be gauche. But her private Lessons for Heiresses are quite informative, and before long wealthy parents are scrambling to have their daughters admitted to what the gossips deem “Mrs. Harris’s School for Heiresses.” The only trouble is, they probably wouldn’t approve of everything their daughters are learning!

Then comes The Hellions of Halstead Hall because every reader wanted to know more about Lord Stoneville… Oliver, Jarret, Minerva, Gabriel and Celia were deprived of their parents as a result of a tragedy that happened nineteen years ago. It sent them into free fall, which is where they’ve been ever since. Their rich maternal grandmother, not of nobility, has been supporting them, but now she has issued an ultimatum: marry or be cut off. And not just one of them, but all of them! Some of the Heiress characters will show up from time to time (Stoneville’s friends, after all, married heiresses or teachers from the school), and some of the characters from the Heiress series are sure to have a place in this series.

Now Sabrina is working on a following series: The Duke’s Men. Only one novel appeared in this series, but more will follow for sure!

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