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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

No complaints about the weather!

Hurray, hurray - at last summer is here! We've been into winter until last week, with even snow in May. But finally better weather came our way and since last week Friday we've been seeing the sun and enjoying the warm temperatures.

Yesterday and the day before the temperature even went over 30° Celsius. What a luxury to be able to come outside without a warm coat. Nay, even wear tops until the late hours of night....

Time for picnics in the park and dinner outside, with a cool glass of beer or wine. Time to enjoy the outdoors and do all those things which are nice with better weather. Eat icecreams, for instance. (Had the very best ever yesterday afternoon, pistachio ice which tasted like heaven!)

Hopefully it will remain like this for a while, as the summer is still long and we don't need to work until the 1st of September.

I was talking to a guy yesterday and he thought  the cause of the bad weather Europe is experiencing is the break out of the vulcan in Iceland two years ago. Since then the jet stream has changed its direction and this causes the long cold winters.

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