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Sunday, May 22, 2016


I'm inviting all of you to come and meet author Bernadette Marie, who's doing a book blast tour  to launch her novel Wanderlust (contemporary romance, from Prince Publishing). Bernadette is giving away a 20$ gift certificate from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble to one randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter. Please use the link below to leave your comment and have a chance to win:


Gia Gallow has traveled the world. Her wanderlust landed her in Georgia where she has created a life for herself away from the petty differences of relatives and domineering ex-lovers. Having settled in America, she has a successful business and dear friends—and the attention of both Dane and Russell Walker. Due to her own family's dramas over dueling hearts, she might have to forget about her feelings for Dane to keep peace within the Walker family, but sometimes even running thousands of miles away can't keep a heart from going after what the heart wants. And Gia's heart wants Dane.


He'd only seen her once, and his breath had caught in his chest. Her image had stayed with him

—her long dark hair that had a charismatic bounce to it and those dark chocolate eyes that twinkled. She might have stood all of five-foot-three, but her personality was enormous. Then, of course, her voice had run in his ears for the past two months. That accent still tickled his spine in a way that sent tingles down it, right to his core.

Author bio and links

Bernadette Marie has been an avid reader since the early age of 13, when she'd fill notebook after notebook with stories that she's share with her friends. Her journey into novel writing started the summer before eight grade when her father gave her an old typewriter. At all times of the day and night you would find her on the back porch penning her first work, which she would continue to write for the next 22 years.

In 2007 - after marriage, filling her chronic entrepreneurial needs, and having five children - Bernadette began to write seriously with the gaol of being published. That year she wrote 12 books. In 2009 she was contracted for her first trilogy and the published author was born. In 2011 she (being the entrepreneur that she is) opened her own publishing house, Prince Publishing, and has released contemporay titles and has begun the process of taking on other authors in other genres.

Bernadeette spends most of her free time driving her kids to their many events. She is also an accomplished martial artist, working her way to her second degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.

An avid reader she loves to meet reader who enjoy reading contemporary romances and she always promises Happily Ever After.


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