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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Enjoying the seaside

Both my sister and I love to be at the seaside. So we don't mind being here in winter. We think that it's even better in winter than in summer. Less tourists, less beach huts, less of everything. So wonderful to enjoy some peace and quiet, especially after a busy week at work!

We decided to have a long weekend here in Heist. My sister has her birthday on December 24th, but as we celebrate Christmas Eve then, we thought it better to celebrate her birthday one week earlier.

Tonight we'll dine at Bartholomeus (2 Michelin stars, 18/20 in Gault-Millau). We've known chef Bart Desmidt since he was a little boy on a pony, also know his dad and his sister. It's always a delight to go dining there. And then you should know that there are only 4-5 people in the kitchen! Some chefs with one star already employ 10 to 20 people. Bart still does most of the cooking himself. And he sticks to the traditional values in cooking. No fusions and other stuff. No Noma. But fish right from the last catch of the day and meat from farmers he knows and respects.

For the rest, the weather is fine enough. No wind to speak of, a bit cloudy, decent temperatures.

We'll come back home totally relaxed.

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