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Friday, March 17, 2017

At last - one job done!

Almost a year ago, I placed an order with a company to do some repairs on my roof and drains. Because my next door neighbors had a new roof, the water coming down from my roof couldn't get into the suer anymore.

Better than complaining (the rainpipe was between the two houses, to provide for both of us) and risking another quarrel with my Polish neighbor (when they came to live here they were not very friendly) I opted to have my own drainpipe provided and going into the suer.

I called a local company and they drew up an estimate (we also needed a reparation on a chimney) and I agreed  & signed it. That was in May last year. I hoped the job couuld be done before winter, because when it rains hard, the water drips of the front. But no, nothing happened.

The reason? Well, the Flemish government gives grants to those who isolate their roofs (but only until this year). So all companies were isolating roofs and they didn't have time for ordinary repairs...

At last, I got a call yesterday, and the guy said he'd come by today. They arrived around 8 a.m. and instantly began the job. They were done by 11 a.m.  Now I need to contact town hall to order a connection to the suer system (will costs me around 600 €). But nowadays you have to make sure all you do to your house is made official.

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