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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 22nd - one year later

Exactly one year ago, we woke up to the sound of terror. When we switched on our radio (always the first thing I do when coming down for breakfast) we heard the terrible news about the terrorists bombs at Zaventem (our national airport) and the metro station of Maalbeek.

32 people died in the attacks, and many more were severely wounded. Even as of today, some of them are not quite their old self. But people are resilient. Most of us don't give in to the bad and share hope that one day the world will be a better place.

One of the most catching images of this day, was that of the Indian air hostess Nidhi Chapekar (Jet Airways). She was one of the victims, and was seen sitting outside on a bench, severely wounded.

Thanks to the good care of the doctors, this is how Nidhi looks today:

She is still not completely recovered, but she has good hope she'll be able to fly once more. She had an audience with our king and queen.

All through the day, remembrance services are taking place and all radio and TV programs are about the terrorist attacks and their aftermath.

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