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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Change of plans

Yesterday and most of today, we've been discussing the trips we're going to make in 2018. Yes, we always like to plan ahead - it pays of most of the time. You get better airfares and often you can have your hotels at a discount.

Originally we liked to make a trip to Oman next spring. But as we looked at hotels in Muscat and inland trips, we came to the conclusion that it is very expensive there. You pay a lot for a hotel room in Muscat, even when the hotels are slightly better than average (you can hardly say a hotel has 5 stars, when it's next to an open suer, or a busy highway, or next to an oil refinery). And the trips... A two night-three days trip with Hud Hud Travels would cost about 4000 €.

For that price we can stay 10 nights in great hotels in the UAE (Dubai and Ras Al Khaima), even staying in suites. And the airfare to Dubai is cheaper also.

So we are going to Dubai first and then head to RAS next spring. You can also see the desert there, ride a camel or an Arabian horse, do boat trip on a dhow, ...

We'll make the final reservations when we come back from Argentina. And next we must see what else we can do. Definitely a trip to London, like every year, and perhaps one to Milan. And for the rest: Helsinki? Dubrovnik? The Baltic states?

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