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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Nothing but good news

Sometimes, luck just falls into your lap. This morning I went to Brussels to see someone about my coming pension (remember my earlier post, where I told my sister had made an educated guess at how much this would actually be?).

Well, that was the first bit of good luck. The real estimate is higher than what my sister calculated. I offically go into my pension (now I'm on a sort of pre-pension) on June 1st of this year. Two years later, This is my pension as civil servant. But because Ive done some freelance work too, I'll be getting a second pension as of June 2019. Won't be much, but added to the rest, I won't have a bad old day.

On returning home, I opened the mail on my computer (still don't get the hook of doing this on the train like all the young people do) and got the next good use. My electricity/gas company send me their yearly bill - and I get money back!

Now they say all good things come in three. Perhaps I'll win the lottery later this week???

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