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Saturday, March 4, 2017

VME meeting

In Belgium, one of our laws stipulates that every block of flats should have a VME - Vereniging van Mede-Eigenaars (in English: asscociation of co-owners). The VME appoints the syndicus of the block. It's the task of the syndicus to see to the ordinary upkeep of the block of flats (broken down lights, cleaning, organisation of the disposal units, ...) For bigger decisions (repairing a roof, doing renovations to the front or back walls of the building, ...) the VME has to come together and vote with a 2/3 majority. Even so, only one owner can go to court when he/she doesn't agree with the decision taken.

Now, in a block of flats at the seaside, there are many owners who don't inhabit their flat, but rent it out to tourists. And this always causes trouble.

Those who live in their flat (permanently or only during the weekends, but never rent it out) normally want to pay enough money to keep the building into order. But the others only want their rent and say this or that can wait a while...

This morning, we also had our yearly meeting of the VME of our flat at the coast. About half of the owners are landlords who have units for hire. And I must say, most of them are pretty stupid. There is a new Flemish law that says each roof has to have roof isolation. Our roof doesn't have, as the block was built in 1968. But what those landlords don't want to know, is the fact it really is an obligation. Well, they shall see in 2020. Because when the roof is not alright by then, they won't be able to rent their flats anymore... We tried to make it a point of discussion, but they just laughed. We'll see who laughs last!

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