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Monday, March 6, 2017

Our street resembles a building site

It's quite something. Four houses on the other side of our street were flattened to the ground and the rebuilding has started.

Luckily for us, the builders don't start too early in the morning! One of the new houses is being built by our Turkish neighbors. They now live in a house which is a bit too small for all of them (there are two families living there: father with  his two wives, and the son + spouse + three kids). We never had any trouble with them. Now the son is going to move to the new house.

The other houses belonged to people who died recently. I suppose right now, we're the longest living people in our street. I lived in this house since the day I was born (almost 61 years ago) and I don't think any inhabitant is there longer as I am.

It's good that there are some younger people around. The Turkish family has kids that are still growing up. Lovely kids, who liked to play in the garden, but are well-behaved and don't make a lot of noise. And they are also very helpful. When we needed to shift a big sofa, father and son were quick to help out.

Our street will look better when all the building is done. New houses and well-kept older ones give a street more prestige. Don't you agree?

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