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Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring is in the air!

The weather can be so different from day to day. A couple of days ago, we suffered from cold and rain, and now the sun is out and we are reaching temperatures of around 16° Celsius.

What a nice change! Last Saturday was the first time I could dry some washing in the open air, and it's also wonderful not to have to take along an umbrella when you go shopping.

Taking out the bike doesn't create a mess (we have to come through our living room to go outside). It's a lot easier when you can go by bike when you need to do some shopping. I have two large bags in which to put items. You see it more and more nowadays. The cars are slowly banned from the town centers.

And when the sky is blue, you have so much more stamina to do all kind of things, don't you agree? Let's hope this nice weather continues for a while, because I really don't like the rain.

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