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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Are women genetically programmed to buy clothes?

I often wonder... Today it was open door weekend at the fashion shop where we use to buy our clothes for the coming season. We got an invitation in the post, so naturally we went.
We were treated to champagne and canapees, and models showed the new collection. Nice dresses, classy pants and tops...
Of course we could not resist trying on some items, and we left the shop with a new dress each, plus a vest for my sister.
How is it we can't resist buying things we don't really need? We have the money for it, of course, but even when I had less, I would be tempted... I guess I'd save on other things to buy myself a new outfit every now and then.
I know my mother had the same 'problem'. She just could not resist walking past De Backer, the most classy clothes' shop in our town - and my granddad said 'go in and buy yourself that nice dress' (my mum was his favorite child, being the only daughter in a family with three boys).
Also my own dad often treated us to something nice - he also liked to see his daughters wearing fine things.
What do you think?

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