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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The holy cow of the West

Is without exaggeration the car.
Especially here in our country, the roads are getting over saturated by cars and trucks - and it won't get better in the future!
When people continue to use and buy cars at the going rate, traffic will come to a complete standstill.
Is there something that can be done, the government asks?
Of course there is - at least in my opinion.
You will probably have guessed that I don't think like the everyday person. I have sold my car three years ago, and now I walk and cycle to get to places. When I need to go a bit further, I use either the train, the bus or tram.
It's quite cheap (not that I could not afford a car, but with the money I save every year, I can make an extra trip abroad) and (BONUS) it is healthy! You exercise your limbs, lungs and heart.
In my view, the government should make using the car more expensive (e.g. tax more) and make the public transport better and more coherent.
What do you think? Can you live without a car, or not?

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