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Friday, September 21, 2012

Right or wrong

I've been hesitating a little whether or not I should write something about the Muslim protests going on right now, all over the world. But then I thought: freedom of speech is a universal right.
For days now, young muslims have been protesting against the insult done to their belief and prophet by a film on the internet.
Everyone has a right to protest against things that are not right. But if you do, you also have to show respect. You don't go about shouting out your hatred, you don't kill or destroy someone else's property.
I don't have anything against Muslims (or Buddhists, or little green men from Mars, ...). For me everyone is the same, it does not matter where they are born. I know a lot of Muslims, who don't take to the streets and have a life you like me and you. Many of my ex-students were Muslim, and I never had more trouble with them than with other students.
But the young men with long black beards that turn out in protest on our streets are not your ordinary Muslim. They are fanatics. Their only purpose is to breed hatred for the Western world, which they detest.
I guess they don't even know how many 'm's' are in their prophet's name, and I doubt they have read their Koran thoroughly.
I have - my end work at secondary school was a study of the three main books of religion; the Bible, the Thora and the Koran. So I needed to read those works very carefully. In none of the afore mentioned books I found words that say you have to hate people with another style of life. People who are better educated than you. People with another view on freedom.
All these books taught me that you have to respect and love others. I'm afraid those guys on the streets have never learned just that.
So many problems could be avoided if people just would accept that not everyone and everything is the same.
I try to lead my life in a way that I'm happy with who I am and what I do. I don't envy my neighbors for what they have and I won't meddle in other's affairs.
If everyone would do the same, the world would be a better place. Amen.

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