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Friday, September 14, 2012

Do you still trust banks?

Earlier today, I got a phone call from my bank director, inviting me to a gathering 'to talk about future investments'.
Now, first of all, I don't have money to invest.
Secondly, if I had, I would not wholly trust to invest in bonds and shares. The big banks have done nothing up so far with our money, our savings account renders less than 1% interest... So why would we give the banks more money???
In these uncertain times, the best investment is making sure your house is totally in order. I bought my house in 1982 for less than 25,000 € and have done little else than making improvements to it, starting with new windows and door, over a new roof to major renovations. The last two years, I've put in a new kitchen and had a newly fitted bathroom.
If by chance I should get into more money, I'd invest it in buying garages and shops and rent them out. Here in Belgium real estate will never lose it's value.
Take my house. It is worth over 150,000 € by now and no bank would have offered me this interest!
Do you still trust banks? Do you give them your money to play with (and lose it, occasionally)?

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