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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guest author blog: Courtney Rene

It's my pleasure to introduce you to a fellow author at Rogue Phoenix Press: Courtney Rene.

                   Courtney Rene

Courtney Rene lives in Ohio with her husband and two children.  She is a graduate and member of the Institute of Children’s Literature.  Her writings include magazine articles, short fiction stories, several anthologies, as well as her Shadow Dancer series, and latest release, A Howl in the Night, published through Rogue Phoenix Press.  For a complete listing, visit www.ctnyrene.blogspot com or feel free to contact her at 

          A Howl in the Night               Shadow Warrior            Shadow Dancer

I've invited Courtney to tell a bit about herself and her work, and here's what she says:

"I get asked quite often, why I chose to write withing the YA paranormal genre. There are a couple of reasons for this actually.

First, I chose paranormal because it's different than the real every day world. I don't know about most of  you, but when I am out at the grocery store, I don't often run into shape shifters or vampires, at least not that I'm aware of anyway!

Why is the thought of werewolves or vampoire or heroes so very exciting to me? Because it is different, it is thrilling. It's better than what our dishwashing, shower taling, grass mowing real life can toss our way. Paranormal stories are fantasy, with a mix of love and mystery and thriller and horror, all wrapped up into one fun read, tossed with the added benefit of the unusual, the strange. I can't imagine not writing this genre.

Second, I chose the YA age group because even though teens and young adults are older and able to understand the ways of the world, they are still willing or wanting to believe in the unbelievable. The ideas of butterflies being fairies, or trolls living within the toadstools, is not that far out of reach. It could be true...right? It's not any fun writing for someone that is too worn down by life and time that they don't want to believe or refuse to believe in possibilities. I like the possibilities. Do I believe in them? Sadly, no. Do I wish for them? Yes. Life would definitely be a lot more fun if I could be invisible now and then shift into the form of wolf. I could really go for a world like that!"
Courtney's next book, SHADOW'S END (Book 3 in the Shadow Dancer series) will be released on October 1st, 2012 with Rogue Phoenix Press (
In Shadow's End, the adventure and the struggle continues for Sunny, as the fight for control of Acadia is near. Battle lines have been drawn, not just by King Gideon, but also by the rebels that were once Sunny's allies.
Due to unexpected trips to the ice realm and the fire realm, new allies are found to help build the Army of the Sun. There are new worlds explored. New friends and new enemies made.
Ready or not, Sunny must prepare for what is coming as well as decide where she belongs within it all. But... what about prom? What about Leif? What about home? How can she, just a seventeen year old girl, rule a whole world? She's not even sure if she can get through finals.
Interested? Don't hesitate to buy the book - I can certainly recommend it.



  1. Great interview! I'm a big fan of Courtney Rene and have all three of her books on my shelf. Can't wait to add another. :D

    1. Thanks so much Denise for stopping by!


  2. I second that, Denise. I also have 3 of her books and love every one of them. I'm so excited to see how Sunny handles the end of her story so I'm anxious to read Shadows End. I know it will be great!