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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Long live the freezer!

Wednesday afternoon. After a morning spent cleaning the house, my sister and I ran some errands early in the afternoon. We passed along the supermarket, and bought everything we needed for our dinner. Or so we thought.

When it became time to start cooking, we came to the conclusion we had forgotten to buy the chicken filets for our Congolese chicken dish. Right - what to do? It was cold and damp outside, and neither of us felt like going out for a second time.

The only thing I could think of was look into our big freezer. We have a smaller one inside the kitchen, and a big one in our storage room. Luckily I dug up a box of frozen spaghetti sauce! And as we always have pasta in the cupboard, we could dine on a nice Spaghetti Bolognaise.

Btw, our spaghetti sauce includes fresh tomatoes, red bell pepper, onion, ground meat, a good slush of red Italian wine, spices, and passata of tomato. We let it stew on the lowest pit of the fire for more than an hour, and then leave it for more hours aside the stove. I always think it tastes better when the sauce is more than one day old.

So you see it pays to prepare sauces and other dishes for more than one use. If we make stew, it is always for two or three servings. What we don't need the first night, goes into boxes and disappears into our freezer. And when you have to work late or don't feel like cooking, there is always something you only have to heat up.

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