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Friday, November 22, 2013

Cold Case Kennedy

Today, November 22nd, it is exactly 50 years ago that President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, Texas. Up to now many questions remain about this murder. Who was behind it? Was Harvey Lee Oswald really the killer?

Belgian lawyer Filip de Mey studied the file for years and began it as a cold case research. He studied the original documents of the police investigation and tried to form his unbiased opion.

Fifty years after the murder he has come to a surprising new theory. Cold Case Kennedy (also available in the USA, from for instance Amazon) is the first book that lightens every aspect of the murder file.

Why did Robert Kennedy keep his silence? Was there really a ‘magic bullet’? Which was the part of Lyndon B. Johnson in the tragedy? Was there more than one shooter? Why did the Warren Committee not want to hear of a third victim at Dealy Plaza? What was a convicted criminal doing in the building just across the Texas School Book Depository? And last but not least: was the official investigation the best they could do or was it only a cover-up operation???

You can follow the investigation from the first row and discover what really happened in Dallas when you read De Mey’s book.

Author Filip de Mey began his career as a lawyer, but then turned to become a forensic investigator. He specialized in fraud and irregularities with companies trying to evade taxes. This expertise gives him a unique view on how fact need to be interpreted and he can analyze complicated dossiers, among which the Kennedy murder, his great passion.

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