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Saturday, November 2, 2013

The festive season has begun

It's official now: until the beginning of January we're in the festive season!

Halloween has just passed, but more festivities are yet to come. Here in Belgium we first have Sint-Maarten (a good saint who brings presents and sweets to the kids) and Sint-Niklaas (the same, but it depends on the region where you live whether you celebrate Maarten or Niklaas). And then it's Christmas and New Year.

Americans have Thanksgiving. We don't know it here, but November is called the harvest month.

Do you like this period? I find it a nice time, all in all. You can decorate your house to your heart's desire (some people really go very far) and all the shops have more festive food in their offers. Now already our shops are full of chocolate figures, because this is what the good saint brings. Belgians love their chocolate! And bubbles. We even drink more cava (Spanish champagne) than French champagne. And there is marzipan, and cakes, and.... Get the idea?

A time to watch your figure, anyway. Especially dangerous if you have to be careful with sugar intake. I try to keep the balance by allowing myself some pure chocolate every now and then, not too much and not too often. And the occoasion waffle or pancake (the last you can make with stevia, which is a fine replacement for sugar).

How do you get through this festive season?

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