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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The devastating power of nature

I suppose you all have seen the sights. Hurricane winds over 350 km/hour tormented the Phillipines and left a trace of destruction.

Thousands of people have died, thousands are without anything. Can you imagine that? Here in Belgium we only suffer winds up to 120 km/hour and then we claim it's been terrible. Just imagine a force three times worse... I doubt even our solid house built in brick of nearly 100 years old would remain standing. Our only option would be the cellar, which is the strongest part of our house and was built to withstand collision of the above structure. But what would we do withour water (we only keep a few bottles there)? Or food? Raw potatoes, that's all there is to find there.

I know lots of people will want to help. Our country has already sent the BFast Team, with tents and water filters, plus doctors and nurses to set up a field hospital. And food and water will follow. Lots of Phillipe women who have married a Belgian man are trying to bring together help, and to send it to their village.

I'm also thinking of all the poor kids who will be left alone, without a family to support them. If I could, I'd immediately adopt one. I have noboby but my sister, so there is always room for more in our house.

Could this be a result of the warming up? I don't know - could be, but could just as well not be. There have been times in history when there was ice age, and then tropical times. I'm not sufficiently up to date with this topic. I just know the weather is more crazy than it was when I was young...

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