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Friday, November 29, 2013

Looking out to Christmas

The house is decorated and now we're awaiting Christmas. I love this time of year. It's soon dark, and then you can shut the blinds and put on the lights and make it cozy inside.

This is a time for good food and the best of wines. My sister (our 'chef de cuisine' here at home) has been thinking for days now about what she is going to prepare for the Christmas dinner. Lots of options, not all cheap ones (!)  But we don't mind some cost when a festive dinner is planned. The starter can be lobster, or scallops, or just a salad and the main dish might be venison or fish. We'll decide on the menu in a couple of days, in time to purchase all the necessary ingredients.

Around Christmas there are also special programs on tv, and especially BBC has Christmas specials which are great to watch. Nothing better after a lenghty dinner than sitting on the couch, watching tv and sipping the rest of the wine...

After Christmas comes New Year and that is for good wishes. Only 7 years to go before my sister takes her pension, and then we can really enjoy life. So from now on we're going to count down to that happy occasion. Because, be honest, who loves to work more than enjoying free time and doing what you like??? Mind, we both enjoy our jobs in teaching, but after a number of years you begin to look forward to the day you can say goodbye.

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