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Saturday, November 23, 2013

National Nina Shopping Day

'Nina' is a magazine, which you get weekly with the weekend newpaper Het Laatste Nieuws. It's a magazine of fashion & lifestyle and it always has interesting items. A new recipe for cooking, a tip to wear clothes, ...

Every year they organize the 'National Shopping Day'. This was today. In the magazine you find a reduction card for nearly every store in the country. Boutiques, perfume shops, shoe shops, ... they all participate and you can make great deals. For instance, new glasses for only 30 €, or a three day trip to Paris for only 149 €!

You can bet the town was crowded this afternoon with all the shoppers looking for great deals. What is your favorite shopping item?

I like to find clothes which have great deductions, or shoes. Especially expensive clothes and expensive, all leather shoes. I did not find anything to my taste today, but we're going to London soon and there I'm sure I'll find what I'm looking for. Once I could buy a Donna Karan cocktail dress with a reduction of 70%. Normally I don't spend too much money on clothing, but with such reductions I let myself go once in a while!

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