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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday laughs: true story

As you know, I sometimes post a joke on Sundays. This time I thought of a true story.

My mother was born in 1930, the only girl in a family of parents and three brothers. While she had a very good relationship with the eldest and the youngest, she did not quite like the second eldest brother, Georges. The reason: he once kicked her kitten Minouche very hard in the ass. From then on, he had done with her.

So that is perhaps the reason why she always told us this story. You must remember, we're in the 1930's. While my grandparents were reasonable well off, they did not have a bathroom and a WC inside the house. The loo was built behind the house. You had to cross a yard to reach it. (Must have been nice in winter!)

So one day my uncle Georges needed the loo and worked on a 'jobbie' (thanks Davie for sharing this cute Scottish expression with us). He was wearing trousers with suspenders, as was the fashion in those days. He did not take a lot of care of what happened, as he was reading a newspaper. When he was ready, he returned to the kitchen and only there threw his suspenders over his shoulders.

You can guess what happened... The suspenders had hung in the loo and a piece of *** got lodged in them. As he got them up, the *** was catapulted into my grandma's cooking pot! They did not eat at noon that day...

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