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Friday, October 10, 2014

At last Nobel Prize for Malala

Last year, the young Malala Yousafzai (Pakistan) did not get the Nobel Prize for Peace. But this year she got it, and I'm glad for that.

There are many areas in the world where young girls are only good enough to work in the kitchen and be a slave to first their parents, then their husband. Organisations such as Boko Haran and Isis don't want women who can think for themselves, they are afraid of them. So they rather kill them.

As a teacher, I know the value of education. Admit it, we were not better off in the Middle Ages. Also there women were considered as property, to be bought and sold. They did not have any rights at all.

But luckily we have moved forward since then - mainly thanks to the First World War when it became obvious women were valuable members of society. Who else was there to run the country's factories, work on the land, teach the children? So at last they were given the right to vote.

Nowadays all Western women have been to school and know their rights (some more than others). We consider us to be equal to men. I just hope this can become true for every woman in the world.

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