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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Nice burglars

When browsing through my daily newspaper this morning, I had to smile reading a short article - skip the politics section, that's what I like to read!

It was about a burglary in a house. The house had been broken into, and the burglars had removed a couple of valuable articles. Then they entered the kitchen, where they found something to drink. But... there were also a lot of dirty dishes in the sink. The kind burglars took time to wash everything (most likely because they didn't want to leave any traces) and left the kitchen cleaner than before.

They only had not paid attention to the hidden camera which recorded all they did... and of course they were picked up by the police not long after.

I like those short and funny articles in a paper that is otherwise full of sorrow. The atrocities of ISIS, the antics of our politicians and still no government, suicide by young people, ... Sometimes you just don't want to hear more, right?

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