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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Decorating for Halloween

Are you already in the mood for Halloween?

While the weather is still like summer (at least here in Flanders, with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures) October has come and so I think it's time to get the house ready for Halloween.

My sister and I tend to decorate our living room according to the season. This afternoon, we've put away the summer items (like silk flowers, butterfly hangers, seashells etc.) and brought the box containing the autums stuff from the attic. Oh yes, we do have an attic - it used to be my own room when I was a teenager, where I could entertain my friends and play the music my dad couldn't bear listening to downstairs.

Now we have miniature orange pumpkins, witches on brooms, a bride and groom in skeleton form, nuts and squirls, cobwebs and even live spiders! (We don't have to do anything to get the last, they come into the house unasked, but I don't mind, they keep away the flies and mosquitoes.) Are you averse of spiders? I can take them in my hand and put them gently outside before my sister comes home (she doesn't like them).

The dark comes earlier as well. Not long now before you can curl up in your pajamas before the TV when it's only 6 pm. I like coziness, and enjoy being in my pajamas. In the morning, I take breakfast in them, before I go to the bathroom. Have to eat my bread and drink my coffee first!

What about you?

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