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Thursday, October 16, 2014

What pleases a teacher

Being a teacher is not always funny. You have those days when you want to quit straight away... when everything becomes too much. But then there are also those moments you feel pride of having done something good. And those make the job worthwile.

I heard today that one of my former students has won an important prize for having written a book. Now I never suspected that guy would ever write books, or become a journalist! When he was in my class, he was never very much interested in learning Dutch. I often had to 'wake him up' by throwing a piece of chalk against his head....

Another of the guys I taught is also a journalist. Right, I knew that one was clever, but when he left school he intented to take on studies in Islam to become a teacher. Now he's a very good reporter.

Once I had a class full of youngster of 15 years young, full of misschief. The gangleader, Ilja, is now a biologist who has studied in London and travels overseas to spot rare animals.

And I'm also proud when I meet one of my former students of Dutch. (These were men and women who were not born here, but came from area's such as the US, Asia, the former Russian Republic, Africa, ...) And then they start to speak in perfect Dutch.

Such things give you a good feeling, because sometimes you think you are preaching to the unbelievers. Teachers are important, right?

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