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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Beauty and the Beast

Last weekend we were in Birmingham, England, because we wanted to go to the ballet.

Yes, you can laugh. We have a good ballet company in Antwerp too, but just try and get tickets! We always try, but the only available seats are those fourteen rows away from the stage. No can do for me, as I'm nearsighted.

On the other hand, in the UK we do find tickets on one of the first rows. Also for this performance in the Birmingham Hippodrome. We sat center stage on the fourth row, and could see everything happening.

I really love ballet. I never danced myself, but we had a friend whose daughter became a prima ballerina. She always told us when performances would take place and often secured us good seats. In those days, we saw every ballet performance of the season.

But after Bernice left to be a principal in other companies, it was over. No more ballet for many, many years.

Last year we were able to find tickets for Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake and now we were able to see this wonderful rendition of the fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. The Birmingham Royal Ballet is very good and the principals were outstanding. Mind you, you did not see the Disney tale, but rather a version of the French film with Jean Marais, which I just loved to watch when I was younger.

All the classic moves, set on melodramitic music... Beautiful scenery and costumes... I had a great evening!

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