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Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Name is Thank-You

Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a Virtual Book Tour for My Name is Thank-You by Kaizen Love, a young adult book available now. The tour will run October 6 - 31,  2014.

Kaizen Love will be awarding a $15 BN/Amazon GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. So please use this link to place your comment and stand to win:


My Name Is Thank-You allows us into the worlds of two very different thirteen-year-old girls. Each girl’s voice carries its own unique tone, as the girls beckon us to follow magically into their lives. One is a joyous story of hope against all odds, the search for acceptance, and the longing for unconditional love; the other a sad tale of unspeakable abuse, constant rejection, and an overwhelming sense of loneliness. Thank-You and Josephine create around us a world rich with emotion, one that will leave you inspired, breathless, and yearning for more words.


"There is nothing better than being able to swim in a pool of knowledge so deep it forces ignorance to be uncomfortable in its own skin, to where it no longer holds a sense of being, a sense of purpose. That’s what books do. They allow us to live in the minds of every type of human. They allow us to taste the kind of freedom that even the end of slavery didn’t bring." -(My Name Is Thank-You)

Author bio and links

Kaizen Love is an up and coming writer, spinning words into a beautiful web that should enrich the lives of all who read them. She has a positive and fresh take on life, and has mastered the art of storytelling. She grew up reading books by authors from every style, race, nationality, culture, and religious perspective; drawing inspiration from each one. Her greatest mission is to share love.

I asked Kaizen why she chose to write young adult fiction, and here's her reply;

To be quite honest, young adult fiction chose me, for this particular novel. I believe that I am impartial to genres, and allow my stories and my characters to develop on their own without labels.  For "My Name Is Thank-You" my characters are young adults themselves, and they experience what many young adults experience. Just recently I was having a conversation with a dear friend, and we were discussing the types of books we read when we were young. For me, I had a tendency to choose books that were well beyond my years. I was searching for stories that resembled my own life, and I could not find that in books that we were written for teens or pre-teens. 

There are many young adults today who go through very adult situations. Many of them are exposed to abuse, violence, amongst other hardships that aren't dealt with in a positive way. My purpose for this novel was to shine a light in a very dark world and to allow readers to jump into a story that is familiar to many of us. Age does not discriminate against a hard life, we are not granted some special pass because we are under eighteen. Many of us have experienced things that, quite frankly, should not have occurred, and this book, while making no excuses for those things, teaches us that there is beauty in every circumstance, and there is always something to be grateful for. 


  1. Thank you for having me here today!

  2. I have found that Young Adult fiction just seems more alive. Adult fiction is great, but there's a weight and dryness that seems to fix itself in literature for adults despite the genre. Young Adult literature is just so ...fresh, and lively. Thinking about the crazy amount of emotions, new experiences, joy, and trauma that teens experience I think that it's really cool to capture that age group!

    Thanks for sharing Kaizen!

    1. That was a great response Andra! Thanks for sharing as well!

  3. Very interesting blurb and excerpt.

  4. I like the author's reply, lovely.