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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What would you do if you won Euromillions?

Next Friday, the Euromillions jackpot will amount to 190 million Euro (that's over 200 million US dolllar). Can you imagine being the sole winner of such a huge amount?

Up to now statistics have shown that the jackpot is only won by one up to three (only once, as far as I remember) persons. My guess is that this huge jackpot (which will probably not be won on Friday 24th, but rather on Friday 31st) will be shared by two.

But what would you do with all that money, and most importantly, how would you react?

Would you announce to the world you're a winner - and be haunted by fortune-seekers ever after? Would you put your face in the newspapers?

In Belgium, winners of big jackpots are helped along by the people of the National Lottery. They give them advice on how to react and how to take care of the money won. You have to present yourself to the headquarters of the National Lottery in Brussels, where you will be received and served champagne (I guess).

OK, I could go for that. I suppose it's everyone's dream to win a big amount of money. They saying that money doesn't make you happy is obviously launched by someone who had too little.

How can money make you unhappy? Sure, it doesn't give you good health and happiness. The first is something you have or not, and the next you make yourself. But it does give you freedom. Not having to work for money, having enough to do all those things you like...

What would you spend a jackpot on? Buy a mansion, a luxury car, a plane or boat? Nothing of that for me. I'd stay in my cosy house and keep the flat at the coast. There are quite adequate for what we need. But looking forward to the prospect we all have to work longer before we can go on our pension, I'd quit work and spend my days doing just what I like. Which would be travelling. I suppose we wouldn't be home a lot...

What would you do? Please respond if you like to!

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